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April Powell

kurt-drake-pomo.pngBookeeping, Travel Coordinator & Artist

April Powell got her start, like so many face painters, working in the theme parks of Orlando. She started face painting in 1999 mostly by an accidental encounter. Fast forward a few years, tens of thousands of customers later, and she had become a super fast and creative face painter. In 2005, when the opportunity arose to help out her friends at a new makeup company, she jumped on board to help out in any way she could. Her input on product development, assistance with advertisement and product images, and some much needed organizational skills, went a long way to help out at Wolfe Face Art & FX. Today she is behind the scenes working on bookkeeping, sales, trade show organization, and otherwise expediting issues that need resolution. She does pitch in on some painting for ads, trade show banners, painting at shows, and product photos. You can see her and her work at some of the industry's largest trade shows. For more info on the shows you might see her at, be sure to click on the "Events" link above.

Telephone: 407-730-9820 ext:224
Contact: april@wolfefx.com



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