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Become a Dealer

downloaddealerapp2.pngIn order for you to obtain wholesale prices you must meet some simple but necessary qualifications…they are as follows:

1- You must have one of the following types of operation: A year-round brick and mortar store; a year-round Kiosk; a well maintained, fully stocked, e-commerce website (which abides by our MAP agreement); or an educational institution that teaches makeup artistry. All of these examples of store fronts sell (or teach) with Wolfe merchandise. This can be costumes, wigs, party supplies, children’s educational items, etc. If your website sells only a service, or does not carry a variety of costume or party supplies, this would not qualify you for wholesale pricing.

There are always extenuating circumstances and exceptions to the rules so please let our wholesale sales manager know what you do or what your future plans are, as she will be happy to guide you into a potential successful retail future. We will need either a photo of your store or a re-sale tax certificate. Should you be outside the US and you are not issued a particular certificate from your government, a photo of your store or advertisement from a phone book, Google, or other advertisement showing your business and name would be acceptable.

2- You must re-sell product and have it clearly visible in your store or on your website for the general public to see and purchase.

3- One must purchase from Wolfe or a recognized Wolfe distributor a minimum of but not limited to approximately $5,000.00 per year and maintain an assorted stock for your sales. We also know that some of our colors, for example black and white sell more than others however we do frown on only selling those colors over the course of a time period. If you want to be a dealer, then a varied selection of colors should be kept in stock (not necessarily all). Face painting accessories are also available. We will be happy to drop ship for you in an emergency however there is a $7.00 drop ship charge added onto your Invoice.

4- You are asked to re-sell Wolfe products at or as close to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. If you are a website dealer, we realize that your overhead is not as great as a store owner so the opportunity to re-sell product at a lower price is attractive for you however we request you do not low ball our product.

5- Opening orders must be from $500 and up. It is to your advantage to carry a full array of our colors. As we have found in past sales, one color will sell another.  Re-orders can be a lesser dollar amount.

6- All shipments both domestic and international are to be paid for in full by CC or Wire Transfer prior to release of shipment unless otherwise authorized by a Wolfe executive employee. Receiver of product is responsible for any shipping costs.

Your brick and mortar store name will be added to our "Dealer Locater" on Wolfe's own website. We will also supply you with colorful product poster to decorate your store walls or windows.

Should you need any photos or text to enhance the advertising of Wolfe products, please feel free to copy that information from our Wolfe Website.   *Very important information for you to know……The Wolfe Company severely frowns on the use of any Wolfe material, design, text or photos in the promotion of any other product that may resemble the Wolfe products in any way. We no way support the adulteration in any way of Wolfe product and they no long resemble the original state in which it was shipped from Wolfe Company.

If you feel that you will fit into this category, let's get going and make you a Wolfe dealer in your home state or country. A member of the Wolfe executive sales team will be happy to help you become a successful Wolfe dealer.



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