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Georgette Pressler

Featured Artist

Georgette Pressler has been transforming people with paint for over 12 years.  A graduate of FAU, she received a BFA in Conceptual Studio Art.  By using her knowledge from formal training and combining her impromptu freestyle, she creates living works of art.  Design and color accentuate the fluid movements of the body. Shape, line and layer take on a new depth as models breath life into paint.  An award winning artist, Georgette has been requested by clients such as Versace, Playboy, Bullets 4 Peace, and Breezes Resorts in Jamaica.  Live body paint performances is also an aspect of her portfolio. She has drawn crowds at Gavlak Gallery, Gallery IOI, Miami's Art Basel and at The Hive Gallery in Los Angelse.  She is also featured at many live art events across the country monthly.  

Georgette seeks to bring body paint into the forefront of the art community. She hopes to change society's misconception of the art form by combining beautiful imagery with dynamic and fluid motion.

Georgette brings her experience and talent to WolfeFX by painting at our trade shows as a sponsored artist, creating one of a kind body art for ads, and and traveling the country teaching classes using Wolfefx products. See her website for moe details about upcoming classes in your area!

See more of her work at www.deviousbodyart.com

Contact: deviousbodyart@gmail.com






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