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Kurt Drake

kurt-drake-pomo.pngPackage/Product Design & Artist

Kurt got his start in art at an early age.  Having taken every art class offered in his pre college years, Kurt developed fine art abilities in painting, drawing, sculpting, and photography. Every year, throughout high school, he created a multi-room haunted house, open to the public, in the family barn. This paved the way for his lifelong interest in both makeup and Industrial Design.  Kurt attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated with a 5 year degree in Industrial Design. While in college, he developed a unique talent as a makeup artist working at theater shows and a year-round haunted house as head makeup artist. This unique talent would eventually bring him to Orlando and the company Enjoy Your Face, Inc, which has over 100 face painters employed. During his 5 year period of working at EYF, he had the pleasure of working Disney’s Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios Orlando, Universal Studios Japan, and Universal's Islands Of Adventure. It is safe to say that he has painted well over 75,000 people. Over the years Kurt has worked at companies ranging from Hasbro Toys, where he designed toys for the Star Wars line, to ShowQuest Studios, where he designed and themed amusement parks and rides. Currently, he is part owner and Creative Director for Wolfe Face Art & FX and has been with the company since ground zero.

Telephone: 407-730-9820 ext:232
Contact: kurt@wolfefx.com









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