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Rick Uribe



Rick is a street artist originally from Cd. Juarez Mexico who now lives in El Paso Tx. Rick found his interest in art in the streets of Mexico, as a teen doing graffiti vandalism. With time, Rick came across other artists who helped him grow in different ways and started painting large scale murals around the city. Rick had to eventually evacuate the city of Cd Juare to El Paso Tx, due to a drug war full of killings, shootings, drugs, and family missing. To this day, Cd.Juarez is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. In El Paso, Rick started Tattooing at the age of 15. He then found his love for body art and decided to try out body paint. Ever since then, Rick has been body painting and tattooing out of a local tattoo parlor in El Paso Tx. Today Rick travels the world doing different forms of art. Rick who is the season 3 winner of TV bodypaint competition SkinWars shares his story to the world as a form of inspiration to other artists. You can contact Rick via email at enksartsales@gmail.com for further info.

Contact: enksartsales@gmail.com

Web: facebook.com/EnksVision



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