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Scott White

Featured Artist

Making a living as an award winning custom tattoo artist, he creates one of a kind works of art in skin daily. "I started tattooing in 1997 at Altered State Tattoo, & I've been there ever since. I've dedicated my time there to creating custom tattoos every day. That led me to see things in a different way than normal. An artist doesn't just see something in front of them & take it for granted. They see the details that make it what it is. They see form, texture, light & shadow. I've learned to see the beauty in the most mundane things in a way most people don't even consider."

His quest for artistic expression doesn't stop there though. He spends the rest of his time obsessed with other forms of expression such as photography, graphic design, sculpting, body painting, as well as making movie props and costumes.

Scott brings his experience and talent to Wolfefx by helping to create our newest line of life like temporary tattoos as well as a sponsored artist creating one of a kind face paints for ads and packages

See more of his artwork at http://www.visualvortex.com

Contact: visualvortex@mac.com



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