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Tips & Tricks

  • Wolfe makeup comes fully prepared for you. There is no need to add anything to it.  To start using it, just simply open up, dip your brush or sponge into a VERY SMALL amount of water and go!

  • Compared to most makeup, this makeup dries faster, is harder to smear, and holds detail and color longer under sweat. This makeup, like ALL water based makeup, is not water proof!

  • Colors can be layered or blended on top of each other.

  • Like all makeup, some darker colors, on some people, may temporarily leave a bit of residue on your skin for a few hours after washing. This also depends on how long you wear the makeup.

  • Cracks may form in the cakes. These cracks have no effect on the makeup and do not mean the make-up is drying out.  All of the Hydrocolor make-up (except silver), if stored and used properly, has a shelf life of over 3 years.

  • IMPORTANT!  Wolfe does NOT recommend mixing our make-up with other brands.  If you do, our makeup will take on the properties of the other makeup, meaning this might affect its resistance to smearing!  It may also create unknown chemical reactions.  If you choose to mix our make-up with other brands, Wolfe cannot be held responsible.

  • Be very careful when using brush sanitizer, if not cleaned properly, it can cause a reaction if left on the skin or in the cake.

  • Wolfe Makeup has no SPF value and in fact, the black and other dark colors, can amplify UV rays.  Please apply sunscreen, before painting, if you plan to be out doors for a long period of time.  IMPORTANT: Sunscreen will effect the properties of the makeup - Allow enough time for sunscreen to absorb.

  • Never store any makeup wet with the lids on.  All high quality makeup is manufactured with anti-bacterial ingredients, but over time this will cause problems by creating more bacteria then the anti-bacterial ingredients can handle. You should never have a 'puddle' of water in your cake. Our make-up has preservatives in it to kill bacteria, mold and yeast, But is not designed to be 'submerged' in water for extended lengths of time.

  • When working with a sponge, if you can squeeze water out of your sponge, you have too much water in it!  Try dabbing out the excess water on a dry paper towel.  Also, containing the water to the very edge of the sponge prevents the makeup from working its way up into the sponge, so it can't dirty your hands.

  • Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.

  • When working with Wolf makeup crayons, to prevent design from smudging or transferring to clothing, sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on a pad, brush or tissue.  Gently pat or blot design until lightly coated.  Gently brushing the design with a dry makeup brush will bring back color brightness.

  • To keep your brushes looking nice and clean, try cleaning them with "The Masters" ® Brush Cleaner and Preserver©

  • To remove Wolfe makeup, use soap and water, or Wet Ones® brand moist wipes.

  • The FDA recommends, "Don't decorate your face with things that aren't intended for your skin. Like soap, some things are OK on your skin, but not in your eyes. Some face paint or other makeup may say on the label that it is not for use near the eyes. Believe this, even if the label has a picture of people wearing it near their eyes. Be careful to keep makeup from getting into your eyes. Even products intended for use near your eyes can sometimes irritate your skin if you use too much. If you're decorating your skin with something you've never used before, you might try a dab of it on your arm for a couple of days to check for an allergic reaction BEFORE you put it on your face. This is an especially smart thing to do if you tend to have allergies."

  • The FDA recommends the following Hydrocolor cake colors should not be used around the eyes: Fair 12, Blood 28, Red 30, Pink 32, Orange 40, Mint 55, Lt Green 57, Dk Blue 68, Lilac 78, Bruise 82, Metallix Rose M30, Metallix Fuchsia M32, Metallix Orange M40.  By FDA standards, all FDA approved fluorescence (glows in the blacklight) pigments should not be used in the area of the eyes.

  • The FDA recommends the following Hydrocolor cake colors should not be used on the lips: Orc 53, Green 060. Sea Green 64, Blithe 65, Lt Blue 66, Dk Blue 68, Blue 70, Lilac 78, Bruise 82, Metallix Fuchsia M32, Metallix Pine M62, Metallix Blue M70.

  • The FDA recommends the following Eflow airbrush colors should not be used around the eyes: WaterBased Red 031, Waterbased Fair 012, Waterbased M Fuschia M32, Waterbased M Rose M30, Waterbased M Orange M40.

  • The FDA recommends the follow Eflow Airbrush colors should not be used on the lips: Waterbased M Fuschia M32, Waterbased M Forrest M62, Waterbased M Blue M70.

  • Please see individual packages for more details and warnings.







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